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The reservations for the Truffles season 2017 - 2018 already started!
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In the evening, Luc & Elena would prepare for you special dinners using fresh, great tasting ingredients you can only find at the local markets. The rule of the house is to please the guests with excellent cooking. Often, you will be pleasantly surprised by having the opportunity to try a delicious "fusion" meal - a combination of best accents of different world cuisines with the famous French food.
Certainly, olive oil is the most important ingredient used in the kitchen. What would you say about: "Home made sun dried tomatoes", Pasta with langoustes and ginger & coriander sauce", "Lamb leg fa?on" - prepared following uncle Emile's recipe, "Wild pigeons with cranberry sauce", "Fillet of rabbit with tapenade stuffing (mashed olives with savory herbs)", and the famous home made "Tart Tatin". As you would expect, there is an astonishing list and variety of wines offered to complement your meals.
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